Cool Story of How JWB’s Name Saved a Client 25%


Listen to this story. Matt brought 90 properties to JWB Property Management in 2017. During the transition, he found out that the previous property management company still had tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices with vendors who had done work on his properties. It was a mess!

We jumped right in to help. And we noticed that some of the invoices were with vendors that we also use on our projects here at JWB. Of course, the rates for the services provided were very different because JWB starts over $1 million of construction each month so we’re able to secure volume pricing discounts with our vendors. This was an interesting scenario, though, as the vendor already did the work for the much-higher rate. He just hadn’t been paid yet. But we picked up the phone and explained that the client now was with JWB Property Management. And we asked our AC vendor to honor the JWB discount….and he did!

We saved Matt 25% just on that AC bill. Can you imagine how much savings that meant across all 90 houses? And think about the impact of that savings over the next 5, 10, or 20 years that Matt continues to own his rental properties? This is one reason why we always win when it comes to lower maintenance costs for our clients. If you’d like to learn more, go to www.jwbwebclass.com to watch a training class entitled, “The 3 Keys To Investing In Rental Properties…Passively.”


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