Can You Retire a Millionaire with an IRA?

Financial planners have touted the ways to retire early using a 401k or IRA account since the late 1970s. The process appears simple on paper although no two people will have the same income streams that are used to invest in a retirement account. For adults over 35, the push to grow funds useful for retirement is kicked into high gear. The question can you retire a millionaire with an IRA can be answered with a yes, but there is work involved.

How to Structure an IRA Worth a Million


Taxpayers with retirement accounts are closely scrutinized by the IRA to make sure all income growth is qualified. The Government Accountability Office releases annual reports that keep track of all adults who build retirement accounts. The current report (http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-14-878T) details that out of 42.3 million Americans who invest in an IRA, more than 500,000 people have already built a one-million dollar nest egg. 

Building a better IRA is possible using these steps:

1. Maximize Annual Contributions

2. Add High Growth Investments

3. Decrease Expenses; Increase Savings

4. Choose the Right Age of Retirement

Maxing Out Contributions

For a younger adult who has 40 more years to invest, taking advantage of a base level annual investment is possible. Adults who have less than 5 or 10 years before they retire might need to add more investment power to reach the one-million-dollar mark. A good financial plan will help max out all contributions including catch-up contributions to help meet or exceed the end goal of an IRA account. 

Include High Growth Investments 

Stocks that are doing well right now could fail in 10 years. Adults who keep a good watch on their mutual funds or stocks could benefit from adding better earning securities. When the stock market is failing to produce higher returns, a look towards real estate can be beneficial for a person investing annual income.

Because real estate is one of the types of investments that an IRA can own, the capital built in a portfolio through rentals or selling homes owned by an IRA could get a person closer to the mark of earning a million dollars at retirement. Homes can be bought, sold, rented or exchanged through some retirement accounts to increase the annual earnings distributed during retirement years.

Go to this page to learn how to build a highly profitable IRA using passive real estate.

Reduce Expenses and Increase Savings

The real truth is that most middle-class earners struggle throughout their lives to come up with money to invest. Economic factors, job loss, divorce and paying for higher education expenses do work together to reduce savings. By eliminating as many expenses as possible, a person is likely to save more and make the best decisions to grow the extra money.

Pick the Right Retirement Age

Some people choose the ages of 55, 60, 62, 65 or 70 to officially retire. While each age bracket is doable, holding out for another few years could make a huge difference. Many investments in IRAs continue to grow past 59½ and real estate is one of the investments that can provide high returns.




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