Can I Buy a House with Bad Credit?

It is quite an easy process to sort through real estate listings, pick out a home and get excited about making a new life in a new place. The hard part is coming to terms that financing might be an big obstacle. A person who is asking can I buy a house with bad credit can learn the different options that are available to own a piece of real estate.

There are generally two forms of housing that require financing or a cash purchase. These forms include single family properties and rental properties. While each type can be used to house individuals or families, one of these types is used for profit while the other is used as a standard residence. The type of financing needed will depend on how a home will be used. 


Credit Challenged Buyers Have Options

A certain percentage of lenders understand that financial problems that lead to poor credit histories are often due to job loss or overdue medical bills. While a lender can be understanding, the fact is that the banking industry is supported by creditors and debtors. Someone who has a history of unpaid debt will find it challenging to get approved for a home loan. 

One option to use when exploring how to buy houses with a bad credit rating is to use alternative funds for a down payment. Programs offered by FHA and other government agencies can have low down payment requirements. Some people could qualify if they have a low credit score and they are able to provide a 3% to 5% down payment. 

How to Use Retirement Funds for Real Estate

Liquid assets are those that can be turned into cash quickly. An IRA account such as a 401K, 403b, simple IRA or solo 401K are known as liquid accounts. Money can be withdrawn from these accounts under certain conditions. A person who has built up enough funds in a retirement account to come up with a down payment for a rental home or residential home could apply the funds towards financing.

Lenders who are able to accept an IRA withdrawal or transfer for real estate could be more willing to approve someone who has a poor credit rating if retirement funds are available. For rental real estate, cash inside of an IRA will continue to grow tax-free immediately after the sale. This provides a person using a rental home as an investment with a way to grow income over an extended time period. 

Investment Partners for Bad Credit Investors 

When personal options are limited, one solid way to improve the chance of being approved for financing is by taking a group approach. Two or more buyers can band together to put up the cash to purchase a property to increase the chance of approval. Adults can also set up LLC or limited liability companies in order to grow funds when an IRA is used to purchase a rental home. More than one strategy can be applied to nearly any scenario to help a adults who have bad credit purchase median income houses. 

Complementary PDF Real Estate Guide

Smart investors already know the tricks of the trade when it comes to pathways of buying houses. Someone starting out in the investment business usually has a lot of questions. The JWB Group is a national leader in the turnkey homes industry. A revised guide is available on this page that explains how passive income now exceeds double-digit returns for many investors who rely on rental real state in key U.S. markets.

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