Business building, investing, and African safaris with Whitney Ricci


Do you ever think about the cost vs benefit of insurance for your investments?  Or do you only think about insurance when something goes really wrong? Having Whitney Ricci, founder and president of Ricci Insurance Group, as a client, vendor, tenant, and friend helps JWB in ways that aren’t always obvious, yet are inordinately valuable… and she tells great stories!

Whitney tells a story of a real estate deal where her team was able to proactively save an investor from having to pay a pollution insurance, due to being intimately involved with JWB’s dealings on the interview posted in the JWB Real Estate Capital YouTube Channel.

Whitney also gets into other great stories about:

  • How she isn’t the only strategic vendor JWB keeps close: we ask key relationships that are integral to the business (such as law and marketing) to get involved with JWB beyond their usual scope.
  • How Whitney overcame obstacles early in her entrepreneurial journey: right when she started her company, she found out she was pregnant… with twins!
  • Whitney’s expert tips on business networking: she doesn’t just network for the sake of gaining business. She’s always looking for ways to make whomever she’s speaking with look so good that they can’t help but referring business her way.
  • The Ricci way of saving and investing: Whitney and her husband set up multiple accounts to save for specific things, from investing in rental properties to taking their daughter on a safari.
  • How to get the most out of your insurance broker: for them to save you money, they need to understand your business.  Treat them as you would treat a banker- keep them informed on your plans and involve them in your decision making.

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