Low Risk Investments for $10,000

Having some extra cash stored away brings to life a new realm of possibilities to grow the investment. Regardless of the size of the investment, a person who avoids mistakes can turn an investment into a long-term growing opportunity. The real estate market is not the only place where income is increased for investors. This best way to invest $10,000 guide is meant for investors who are ready to make the most of their money right now.

Low Risk Investment Choices

Most investors spend more time trying to figure out how to keep investments safe compared to taking the plunge and making a decision. There are good low risk investments that work perfect for the typical $10,000 budget in the U.S. A simple plan to invest this money can include the following:


2. Money Market Account

3. Bonds

4. CDs

These options are considered low risk due to the smaller investment that is needed to buy into the different programs available. A real estate investment trust is one that spreads out the initial investment into different holdings that will guarantee a payout of 90 percent of the gross profits in the entire fund to investors.

Money market, CDs and bonds all provide a guaranteed percentage of return on the initial investment each year the accounts are open. These types of accounts are starter investment accounts for the average person with a low to mid income level in the U.S.

Medium Risk Investments

Some investors choose to use the middle ground as a starting point when investing money. A 10K investment is pretty much the standard in the real estate industry and stock market in order to reap the rewards that come with holding these investment types.

1. Turnkey Investment Property

2. Index Funds

3. EFT

5. Mutual Funds

The JWB company is one of the leaders in the investment property market in the United States. This market is proven to be a winner for many investing clients even with a smaller budget. It is possible to earn returns of up to 30 percent each year with a rented property in an emerging area. One or more investors can combine the initial investment in order to purchase a rental property at or below a listed market price.

The stock index, ETF and mutual funds that are setup through third party companies can earn returns for investors although there is a medium risk involved. One of the downsides to this approach is the lack of flexibility when it comes to making certain types of investments with the initial 10K. This downside is combined with the loss of income that can happen if markets fluctuate unexpectedly.

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