Best Real Estate Apps for 2015

Making use of technology while growing a real estate business can help anyone to work smarter and easier. Thanks to apps marketed in the iTunes store and Android marketplace, many housing industry professionals can now take advantage of usable tools. This list of the 10 best real estate apps for 2015 should help kickstart the buy, hold or sell process for a professional. The apps provided are direct links for locating iOS or Android applications.


10 Top Apps for Real Estate (Free and Paid)

1. Zip Realty

Finding the latest homes for sale in any market is as simple as inputting a zip code or address into the Zip Realty app. Neighborhood metrics are available to review to find foreclosures or other marketed homes that are part of the nationwide MLS listings. 

2. Real Estate Glossary 

While the iTunes app can be buggy, the Android edition of the Real Estate Glossary app seems to be the most reliable. Thousands of must-know terms are included in the app. A person who is a beginner or even a more experienced professional can learn a thing or two using this free application.  

3. Zillow Research 

Apart from listing homes for sale, the Zillow marketplace app allows intensive research for nearly all cities. A person who wants to perform market research on a certain city or town before buying a home or investing into a rental could use this application to save time. 

4. MailTracker 

E-mail is still a big part of business and communication. There is a better way to track e-mail reads, opens and conversion rates using the Mailtracker app. This easy to use tool can simply any e-mail marketing campaign for buyers, sellers and brokers in real estate. 

5. NuOffer

Getting beat out at the last minute on a sale happens to many professionals. Submitting an offer used to be time consuming until the NuOffer app was created. An offer can be sent immediately to any buyer using this paid application. Offers are sent with one-click and include general sale forms.  

6. JotNot

The days of having to use an in-office scanner to convert a text document into a digital one are now over. The JotNot app provides an simple way to use a mobile device to scan any document and prepare the document for distribution.  

7. LastPass

Remembering a list of passwords is not easy when each password is different. Security is now more important than ever when dealing with sensitive information sharing online. The LastPass app remembers all important passwords and provides a one-click login that remains secure for users.  

8. Deductr II

Taking advantage of tax deductions each year can help anyone in the housing industry to reduce expenses. The Deductr II app keeps track of all receipts and expenses that are incurred throughout the year and creates a report that itemizes all deductions that are available during tax season.   

9. EverNote

Note taking is still a big part of business. Using napkins, shreds of paper or envelopes to take notes when no paper is handy is a thing of the past. The Evernote app offers an electronic way to handle all written communication and meeting minutes in an easy to use tool. 

10. Appcrawlr

While not really an application, the Appcrawlr tool is a search engine to find hundreds of apps for all devices. This handy web tool can help someone keep up with the latest releases of free and paid real estate apps that are released each day.

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