Best Practices in Communication for Life and Business with Gregg Cohen


This week’s Not Your Average Investor Show is a conversation all about the key to my success, and JWB’s success- communication!

You will get some actionable, practical advice about the best ways to communicate individually, and when building an organization.  We discuss:

  • The key role our all-staff Tuesday Morning Meetings play in our organization we explain how to have an hour long 85+ person weekly meeting that people ACTUALLY look forward to!
  • The strategy behind our weekly, all-day partner meetings once a week my partners and I spend a full day off-site discussing strategy and business issues.
  • How helping a client plan a 9 month sailing trip fit into our services – goals like that don’t happen unless your investments are able to perform for you so we took an active role in planning the epic adventure.
  • Our hiring and onboarding processes, and how they feed our corporate culture – we deliberately make applicants jump through significant hoops to ensure they are a perfect fit.
  • The industry changing tools we’ve developed for our clients to get clarity and transparency in their investments – our owners’ portal and ROI tool took considerable effort to develop, but they provide a level of peace of mind for our clients that they can’t find anywhere else.

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