Another Exciting Client Success Story!

In this video, we interview one of our valued clients, Bea Harris. Listen as she shares her experience and success from working with JWB for her turnkey investment properties.

Gregg Cohen: I’d like to introduce one of our favorite clients, Bea Harris. She's come down to visit us on campus here. Bea has been a client of ours for about five years.

Q: What has JWB meant to you?

Bea Harris: This has been a real learning experience for me. This was something that I would never have thought to do because my husband and I owned real estate years back and it was a disaster.

I met you at a seminar because they had donuts and coffee. I had to stand and eat it and I couldn't. And you had a little meeting going on and I snuck in and sat at the table,

Gregg Cohen: I remember!

Bea Harris: I listened to you, all of the fellows in the red shirts. You all were so full of life and enthusiasm and I really liked what I heard.

We came down here and you treated us royally. You really did Gregg. I knew for a fact we weren't going to buy it. I told you that over and over; Until we bought three houses the first day.

Gregg Cohen: What happened?

Bea Harris: You're so cute. I tell you that all the time. And you've never let us down, you never have.

JWB has done for us what I don’t know of anybody else. We've made other investments and some of them have not been so good. But you have never not delivered what you said you would deliver. You have never let us hang. When the phone rings, someone's there. You talk to us, you treat us like family.

Something you do that I can't believe anybody else would have done. We have little accounts for our grandchildren, and outside of putting them into a savings, at zero point nothing percent, you allowed us to join our money with their money and invest. And as a result of it, the kids are going to have some money someday when they graduate.

I mean, you let us start with $500 per kid and it has grown unbelievably.

We do the private funding with you and you and you used to say…

Gregg Cohen: Under promise and over deliver, that’s one of our core values.

Bea Harris: Right. You nailed it without me. You really did. You nailed it.

We still have the same three properties. You keep them rented. And when they're not, you tell me why and you let us know.

There is just no mystery when I call or when you call me. And the other thing, Lauren calls and she keeps me informed. Even when I don't want to talk to her, she calls. She’s such a good kid

Seriously, I couldn't be more pleased. I wish I could tell more people. I really do. Because you do over deliver on everything that you've promised to do.

And then there's that side of you that's so community focused, and I always admired that. The work that you do in the field, you do work for people who need help.

You do Christmas things for people that you don't even know. And that touches me because that means it's not just about the company, it's about giving back to your community. We don't live anywhere near here, but ‘m glad to be a part of it.

Gregg Cohen: And on thanksgiving week, you guys decided to come down and see us, which means the world to us. As you know, we were not in the trip plans originally. You guys came out of your way.

Bea Harris: We did.

Gregg Cohen: It's been an amazing relationship that we have. We're so glad we get to serve you guys.

Bea Harris: Thank you so much.

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