Am I Too Old to Start Real Estate Investing?

Depending on who is asked, age might be just a number or a time clock ticking down the minutes of life. While some fortunate people begin investing early in life, a growing percentage of adults in the Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations can struggle to find the right time to make investment changes. If you're asking am I too old to start real estate investing, the answer could be determined after reviewing all strategies. 

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4 Types of Adult Investors

1. Set in Stone

This type of investor has learned one or two strategies to invest financially and will not consider a third option regardless of the potential returns. Many adults have learned this method from their parents, friends, associates or close relatives who prospered with early investments in the 1940s to 1980s when the economy was very different.

2. Curious But Silent

A median percentage of adult investors are curious about certain investment topics and conduct frequent research, but take no action to invest. No amount of marketing materials, stats, figures, calculations, ROI or e-mails displaying positive results will usually get through to a curious but silent investor. 

3. Money Saver

Some people could be referred to as a tightwad, penny-pincher, cheapskate or hoarder when it comes to their investments. This type of investor cannot bare the though of losing one penny and will never move forward to grow financially. This type of person usually holds low risk investments that provide between 1% and 3% returns regardless of the dollar amounts invested.

4. Human Calculator

Someone who spends most of their free time calculating numbers, reading reports, evaluating trends, checking stock fluctuations, eyeballing a 401k or IRA account changes daily or speaking with anyone who will listen about the next big investment is actually a positive investor. This type of person knows the risks versus reward and is not afraid to dive into new opportunities that have been meticulously evaluated over and over again.


Why Age is Not So Important

Because most people are taught their investing habits, it can be hard to take the next step into a new area. As people grow older, it can be more difficult to find investments with faster returns. A person does not have to be a specific age to invest although should be aware about what investment products are earning the best returns monthly or annually. Investments that build wealth over 25 years might be lucrative for a person who is 25, but not so much for someone who is now 65.

Fixed Income Investments

Older adults or younger adults who live on a set dollar amount monthly are not excluded from taking advantage of investments. While it might be required to combine different investing procedures, a person living on a fixed income still has options to build wealth monthly and annually if the right offer is available. Products like REIT, investment property and direct real estate sales do provide faster income generation.

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