A New Category of Investing, Buying Real Estate With Your IRA, and Managing Your CPA with Rich Neel

This week’s episode of the Not Your Average Investor Show featured our Controller, Rich Neel.  Rich is not just a valued teammate, he’s also a savvy investor who breaks down the strategy he used to convert part of his retirement accounts into multiple rental properties.

He also spoke about:

  • Starting his career in New York City: and the watershed moment when he’s rushing across Rockefeller Center to catch a train, and realizes he needs to slow down to enjoy his life.  It’s the quintessential moment of personal growth that shaped the rest of his life!
  • How CPA’s can ruin your business: there is a certain type of accountant that can hurt your business as much he or she may help it.  It’s the accountant that decides not to grow with the company and learn the business model. On the contrary, one that shows they learn new things and adapt, can be invaluable.
  • Failing forward: JWB’s culture of allowing people to fail leads to growth and innovation from their team members.  Rich has personally benefited from that environment and JWB has greatly benefited from his contributions.
  • A new category of investment: as a savvy investor, Rich explains the benefits of the JWB product in a unique way – a tangible product with more upside than bonds, and less downside than stocks.

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