Electronic 1099 Instruction Guide

First, you will receive an email from noreply@tax1099.com as shown below.  Please select the “click here” link which will take you to the login page for the Document Retrieval Portal.

Next, you will need to enter the same email address that the request was sent to (in the Email ID* field), as well as the verification code (in the Verification Code * field).   The Password has already been assigned to you.  It is the first four characters of your name (lowercase) as well as the last four digits of your SS#/EIN.  This info will be presented in the Password Scenarios section highlighted below under the Log In button. 

To help explain further, your password should start with the first four characters after the “Dear xxxx” found in the original email from noreply@tax1099.com.  So, in the instance of the email shown above which starts with “Dear Jared,” the password would start with “jare” followed by the last four of your SS#.

Once logged in, you will need to select the Opt-In button in the top left corner which will bring you to this screen:

If you choose to “Opt-Out & Exit,” then you will not be able to view your 1099 in the Payment Retrieval Portal and will have to wait for yours to be mailed to you.

Finally, after selecting “Opt-In & Continue,” you will be able to select your payer and view as well as download your 1099.

Please note: If you are receiving multiple 1099s from multiple JWB Companies, you will only have one login which will allow you to view all 1099s.

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