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Purchasing Real Estate Rental Properties in North Jacksonville, FL


North Jacksonville, FL is bordered by the 20-mile long Trout River. This river is a tributary of the St. Johns River that surrounds most of Duval County. North Jacksonville, Florida is home to many family-friendly neighborhoods that are popular places to live for local residents. The surrounding beaches of Jacksonville make the area a major tourist attraction and vacation home getaway for retirees and average people. Real estate investors quickly find out that the North Jacksonville, FL area is an excellent way to begin rental property investing.
Sherwood Forest is a welcoming community that includes town homes, apartment complexes and rental properties. The north campus of Florida State College is nearby Sherwood Forest by the way of I-295. Since the Trout River borders this community, boating activities are popular as well as fishing and outdoor gatherings. To the east of Sherwood Forest is Osceola Forest. Osceola Forest is another booming area that is full of a diverse culture of people that live together in a safe neighborhood. Osceola Forest provides an alternative for individuals and families to live outside of the city surroundings.

A few miles east of Osceola Forest is the Riverview area of North Jacksonville, Florida. This community is part lakefront homes mixed with suburban neighborhoods. Many of the houses offer easy access to boat docks. The nearby Riverview Park is a nature preserved forestation area. The peaceful communities in the North Jacksonville area continue just south of Riverview across the Trout River to Lake Forest. Lake Forest is close to I-95 and the famous Jacksonville Zoo. Many suburban housing complexes make up the Lake Forest area. Individuals and married couples share the neighborhood equally and a percentage of these residents rent homes owned by real estate investors.

Southeast of Lake Forest is the Tallulah/North Shore area of North Jacksonville, FL. A majority of the area includes lakefront properties. There are four major parks in the community that help to preserve the waterfront and the natural beauty of the North Shore. Many of the local residents work in professional industries and earn higher than average salaries. Some are retirees that have decided to live on the waterfront and some residents are recent transfers from other Florida cities. Real estate investment properties offer investors the chance to take advantage of the growing local population in North Jacksonville, FL.

The upper most part of Jacksonville includes a community called the Highlands on the north section of the Trout River. The Highlands is close to the Jacksonville International Airport and is one of the first towns that tourists and visitors go through on the way to Jacksonville by automobile. Other populated communities exist in the southern portion of Jacksonville near the town of Southside. These areas include Spring Park, St. Nicholas and the hospital district of Englewood. This area of Duval County is closer to Jacksonville Beach and is another growing real estate market for rental property investors searching for the growing revenue sources in the North Jacksonville and Southside Jacksonville areas.

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