What is a Rent Ready Property?

There are phrases that are coined annually in the real estate industry that might seem unfamiliar to a beginning investor. Buying into a rental property is a challenging experience although getting help as a beginner is available. There is a clear difference when researching properties to buy when it comes to rent ready versus a market listed home. Knowing what is a rent ready property can help prevent confusion between different types of homes used later for rental income.


Rent Ready Homes Defined

The invest and flip strategy is one that has cooled in most parts of the country due to the risks involved for some investors. The turnkey approach has created new opportunities for men and women who are ready to buy although do not have time to complete repairs. When someone evaluates a property, the home is either listed as turnkey or rent ready.

A rent ready home is one that is available on the market although not all repairs have been completed. Some listing agents are in a hurry to promote newly acquired properties to eager buyers in the Jax real estate market. Homes that are ready to rent might not be ready for someone to move in due to issues with interior or exterior of a property.

rent ready homes defined


Turnkey Versus Flipped Rentals

Most adults who buy a property that will be used to earn passive income take a look at the turnkey versus rent ready market. Advantages exist for investment properties that have already been invested into by a previous owner. A home inspection is one cost that not all property buyers are prepared to make in order to get a home ready to rent to the public. Exterior cleanup or upgrades to a roof or set of windows is usually needed for homes listed buy brokers as rentable.

Turnkey companies put a large investment into a home to make it profitable for clients. These homes can still have lower than market values depending on the age of the home and where it is located in the U.S. There are cost savings involved when buying rentals that are not flipped for a quick profit. Making sure that repairs are completed by licensed contractors can often secure the highest possible selling price.


Evaluating Home Conditions

A professional property management company offers more than rent collection services. Anyone who is interested in buying a home for rent can rely on professionals to make sure that a house is in top order. Knowing what to search for in a real estate listing is crucial when evaluating any home used as a rental. A true turnkey property will be one that is ready for a person to move into tomorrow and does not need imminent repairs.

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