The team at JWB is proud to continue offering opportunities to earn 10% returns on investments secured by real estate in Northeast Florida. JWB Real Estate Capital has continued to experience shifts in the real estate landscape with land and construction costs continuing to rise, ultimately increasing the overall cost to secure and build single family residential homes. To maintain pace with the changing environment, JWB will be making the following changes to our private lending program:

Increased loan amount for guaranteed 1st position mortgage: As a result of our increased cost, JWB will be increasing our first position loan minimum to $200,000 on new loans originated effective immediately. JWB continues to accept and offer positions with amounts less than $200,000 but these loans expect to be placed in a second position. Like first positions, second positions will be secured by a note on physical real estate, maximum leverage on any property limited to 80% LTV, and returns a 10% interest rate on all capital.

In addition, we would like to ensure our lenders are aware that all executed payoff statements will need to be completed and signed by all parties named on the loan origination documents.

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