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YOU’RE NOT AVERAGE. WE’RE NOT AVERAGE. We’re devoted to providing educational and inspirational content about real estate investing, business and highlighting superstars in the Jacksonville market. It’s a must-watch weekly show!

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Recent Blogs

Using Your Money the Way the Government Does with Doug Orr

Douglas Orr went from working in a factory to financially independent in just 3 years. How'd he do it? He leveraged debt effectively the same way the US government does. He shares that strategy here. If you’d like to schedule some time to chat with our team about how...

From Factory Worker to Financial Independence in 3 years with Doug Orr

Our guest on this week's Not Your Average Investor Show was Douglas Orr. Doug was working in a Honda car factory in Indiana when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad and decided he wanted to create a better life for himself and his family. Within 3 years, he walked in and "fired...

Why You Never Go Back After Starting In Real Estate

Tennis great, philanthropist, and real estate investor, MaliVai Washington, and I discuss a funny phenomenon. When people get into rental income properties, they rarely get out. If you’d like to schedule some time to chat with our team about how we can build and...

Winning and Empowering with Malivai Washington

On this week's Not Your Average Investor Show we interviewed Malivai Washington. Malivai owns a thriving real estate investing company, was one of the best tennis players in the world at one point, and runs a non-profit organization that JWB is supporting. If you’d...

Should I Pay Off My Existing Loan or Buy Another Rental Property?

A good friend of mine – who is also a JWB client – asked me this question the other day. He currently has two JWB properties and wanted to know if he should purchase a third rental property or use that lump of cash to pay down one of his existing loans. You may be in...

5 Practical Ways To Be A Better Communicator

Brad Raney is an international speaker and author, sales/leadership/management trainer, and entrepreneur. He also has almost 30 years’ experience in creating and developing high performance teams in a variety of industries across the country. Here he provides 5...