Landing Top Talent, Failing Forward, and Building a Team with Adam Eiseman, CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital


This week’s Not Your Average Investor Show was a conversation with the CEO of JWB, Adam Eiseman! 

We got to really understand why we tapped Adam as our chief executive when we talked about:

  • How we recruited Adam to the firm: JWB partner, Adam Rigel, had an eye on Eiseman for a while and used his trademark persuasion move to get him to come on board.  He sent him very specific books to read.
  • Early mistakes in building the company and how we adjusted: a failed trip to Orange County, CA by Adam and Gregg Cohen made it very clear that phone sales would prove more efficient that live events at remote locations.
  • What Adam focuses on to get the company moving in the right direction: Adam lives for team building.  His focus on creating a cohesive unit is what drives him.
  • How the four partners communicate, and excel in their roles: you find out each partner’s “superpower”, in Adam’s opinion.
  • What the future of JWB looks like from Adam’s perspective: growing JWB’s impact as a city developer and philanthropic force for Jacksonville is inevitable.

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By Gregg Cohen

I am a co-founder at JWB Real Estate Capital, and I love to talk about investing in rental properties! You’ll often find me here contributing to our blog and in our Facebook group connecting with the community & sharing insights.

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