The Private Lending Investment

Earn secure returns investing in mortgages in Jacksonville, FL.

2022 EY Entrepreneur of the Year

An award-winning company striving to make a difference in the lives of our team, clients, residents, and city.

JWB's private lenders lend the capital that JWB needs to buy and renovate (or build) a residential property. The private lender receives a mortgage and note on a specific property owned by JWB.  After construction is completed, JWB will sell or refinance the property and pay the private lender off in full. If the private lender would like to re-lend, JWB will immediately find another lending opportunity so the lenders investment is getting maximum utilization.


  • 10% Interest
  • 36 Month Loan
    • However, most loans are 14-16 months, after which time the property is sold or refinanced and the loan paid off in full
  • Interest paid annually
Track Record
  • JWB was established in 2006
  • JWB has lent over $400,000,000 since 2006
  • JWB has paid 100% of lenders back in full
  • JWB has never had a missed payment or a foreclosure
  • You earn a fixed 10% interest on your investment
  • No variability in that return
  • No costs to you – JWB pays for all costs related to executing and recording your mortgage
  • You are the bank – you lend capital to JWB and receive a mortgage on an individual property that JWB owns
  • JWB pays for property insurance and title insurance in your name
Our Core Values
  1. Finding Better Ways To Better Lives.
  2. Own Your Responsibilities.
  3. Empower People To Make Mistakes & Fail Forward.
  4. Under-promise & Over-deliver
  5. Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy.
  6. People First.
  7. Be A Great Teammate.
  8. Be Authentic.
  9. You're Either Growing Or Dying.
  10. Be Passionate.

Maximize Cashflow

Consistent Payments

Quicker Payback & Flexibility

Why Lend with JWB?

A vertically integrated company built to save you time and money.

JWB's Private Lending program offers lenders the opportunity to maximize their cash flow for their investment dollars. Lenders benefit from more flexibility by not being tied to a typical 5-year investment timeline. Our Lenders continue investing with JWB because they have come to rely on the consistent income they can expect when aligning themselves with a partner that offers the security of a mortgage and a promissory note in their investment, while keeping the experience completely passive so the associated costs of maintenance and vacancies that come with owning real estate are not impacting their returns. 

Why Jacksonville?

You don't have to live here to benefit from the growth that's happening in Jacksonville, FL. Learn more about what makes this city so unique for rental property investors. 

Giving Back

We don't just talk about how much we love our city, we give back to it! Learn more about how our team dedicates time to helping Jacksonville thrive. 

From the beginning of our partnership with JWB, my husband and I were impressed by the professionalism, integrity and commitment of this company. Investing in their properties has been one of the smartest decisions we have made for our portfolio. JWB keeps us informed every step of the process and are very responsive when we have questions. We don't have to worry about our cash-flow properties because the management team takes care of everything. We have been so pleased with JWB's performance that we recently referred our daughter and her husband who are now current investors as well.

- Donna

My wife and I were put in touch with JWB Real Estate Capital who provided a detailed overview of the region they invest and answered our salient questions about neighborhoods, tenant retention, job industries, rents and appreciation, etc. They made it a very easy choice for us to invest in Jacksonville, Florida. JWB provided a list of their inventory with property descriptions, pricing, etc and once we made our decisions it was perhaps the smoothest and easiest acquisition process we've ever experienced...and we've been in RE for almost 10 years.


Our experience as property investors with JWB has been exceptional. They are extremely professional, competent, and have flawless systems in place to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. They are extremely communicative and responsive - they've made remote property ownership easy and stress-free. The quality of their properties are top notch as well. They are the best property management/investment company we have ever worked with.


JWB has clearly become the best or one of the best Property Management companies in the greater Jacksonville region. They don't just care for their clients, but their tenants, their employees and they treat their vendors as partners. Their culture is pretty amazing, they work together, play together, and serve the community together.


Ready to build your portfolio?

From sourcing turnkey rental properties to finding long-term residents, and comprehensive property management, our expert team offers a full-service solution for a truly stress-free investing experience.  

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We take the stress out of managing your properties. Our expert team offers full-service property management- from finding tenants to fixing leaks, we do it all!

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