JWB’s Largest Incentive Package Ever Offered! Clients Receive ~$10k In Incentives Thru Mar. 31, 2023

In times of economic uncertainty, investing in rental properties has proven time and time again to consistently deliver above-average returns on investment.  However, we recognize that making the decision to invest is a little tougher these days so we wanted to do our part to help.

In that light, JWB has put together the largest incentive package we have ever offered to clients who want to add to their portfolio for rental properties as we head into 2023.  Clients who put new properties under contract through Mar. 31, 2023 will receive ~$10,000 in cash incentives that will significantly reduce the amount of capital you’ll bring to closing and dramatically increase your positive cash flow and return on investment.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you put a new property under contract:

By adding these cash incentives, the estimated returns on investment (IRR’s) and positive cash flow of a JWB rental property increase significantly. You can expect an IRR of 14-15% with average cash flows over an est. 10 year holding period of $150-$225 per month.

These incentives are available to all new and existing JWB clients who would like to add additional rental properties to their Jacksonville portfolio with JWB as we head into 2023.  If you’re a new client and you’d like to get the ball rolling, please call our office at (904) 677-6777 to chat with our team our set up your own appointment here.  Current JWB clients can reach out to their JWB Portfolio Manager directly to schedule a call or email service@jwbcompanies.com.

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