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Jacksonville, Florida

The BEST market in the US for Investing in Cash Flow Properties

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Why is Jacksonville the best market in the United States?
#1. Great Cash Flow
#2. High Growth/Appreciation Potential

1. Great Cash Flow
This combination of low prices and high rents is only found in not more than a handful of markets across the country. If you compare home prices and rent prices in Jacksonville to the nation, the home price is 21% less and rents are 4% above  the national average.  This is what presents a unique cash flow opportunity.

With an extremely favorable rent to median home price ratio it is possible for buy and hold investors to achieve superior rates of return.  According to RealtyTrac, Jacksonville is an “excellent place” for making money in the rental business.

2. High Growth/Appreciation Potential
When analyzing a market there are certain metrics that can help you determine if there is growth and appreciation potential.  The most common indicators to forecast this are population growth, economic growth and unemployment rate.  Take a look at how Jacksonville stacks up:


  • Jacksonville population growth since 2000 has been 24.1%, which is higher than Miami (16.4%) and Tampa (19.8%).
  • 1.4 million people call Jacksonville home – making it the 40th largest MSA (Metropolitan  Statistical Area) in the country.
  • Jacksonville unemployment rate is at 5.5%, which is tied with Miami and Orlando, and lower than Tampa (5.8%).
  • There are 3 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Jacksonville (CSX Corporation, Fidelity National Financial and Fidelity National Information Services). In Florida, only Miami has more.

The information above was compiled from New Geography and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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