How to Find a Real Estate Investing Partner

A large portion of adults who consider entering the housing industry are afraid of the unknown. Going solo in the industry can be a scary thought and sometimes prevents someone from making a solid investment decision. Learning how to find a real estate investing partner can be a lucrative skill for any level of investor. 


Advantages of Partner Investors 

Even the smartest and most successful real estate investors learn something new on a daily basis. It is almost impossible to learn every aspect of an investment and how to best manage one without getting some help. Five advantages of having a partner include:

1. More Experience

2. Task Delegation

3. Additional Funds

4. Divided Risks

5. New Contacts

Someone who seeks a partner for a real estate venture can benefit from the process when working with the right people. It is common for a beginner to seek out a partner who has more experience. A good partnership will always provide an easier way to manage tasks that will continue oiling the investment machine created.

Partners are often great at providing more funds when it comes to making additional investments in homes for sale. This provides a way to divide the risk between multiple people. A final advantage to having a partnership in real estate is the additional contacts that can be acquired. Many people have huge lists of acquaintances, business partners and brokers that are very useful in the housing industry. 

Where to Find a Partner

It is relatively easy to find someone to work with in almost every major U.S. city. Some real estate agents go into business with investors to earn a side living apart from their day job. Partnering with a professional who attends a real estate investing club in a local city can open up more doors. Placing an advertisement seeking the assistance of a partner on a trusted housing industry website can usually produce some good prospects.

Business Formations for Real Estate 

It is becoming more common between investors to go into contract together and create an LLC or other type of agreement. While taxation is important to understand, it is also important to understand legalities of working together and the state and federal laws pertaining to a real estate business. It is always best to use the services of an attorney before signing any document to create a working agreement with another person.

Ensuring that an exit strategy is in place will help dissolve the partnership should it not work out as planned. A division of held property and return on investment should be clearly defined. Having a positive attitude, completing daily tasks and working towards the partnership goals can create a health environment for any investor.

Rental Homes for Investment Partners 

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