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Client Success Stories

Passive Income Becomes True for Bea Harris

Bea Harris is one of those rare individuals who can light up the room when she’s around you. JWB met Bea and her husband, Bill, in 2012 and have helped them build their cash flow portfolio here in Jacksonville. Living in Pennsylvania and being new to “turnkey” rental property investments, the Harris family was a little nervous to make the leap of faith in the beginning but soon realized how the JWB takes care of their portfolio and allows them to invest with peace of mind.

Client Success Stories

Steve Glupker

"I closed on my very 1st rental property and I thank every member of the JWB team for such a wonderful experience and for enhancing my knowledge in investing for passive income. Being new in this endeavor, I found the JWB team, from the executive staff to individual contributors, exhibited word for word the core values that they live by and run their business on a daily basis. The core values are posted in the About Us tab. I am honored and proud to have met the JWB team and I look forward to my next purchase in 2016. "

Arvada, CO

Adam Wolbarst

“I have always invested in stocks, mutual funds, and traditional methods, but when I heard about the JWB model, I thought it was too good to be true. After completing my 1stdeal with the JWB team, it was just too good! I plan on buying 1 a year with them over the next 10 years. Thank you so much JWB!”

Sunnyside, NY


"I recently purchased two rental properties from JWB! Even though, I've only owned the homes for a month now, the experience has been great! The CEO, Gregg Cohen, truly puts clients first! Throughout the entire process, I had multiple questions, which Gregg answered quickly, and informatively. I even had questions about purchasing properties in other parts of the United States, which is outside of their business model, but Gregg gave me his truly, unbiased, professional opinion."

Indianapolis, IN

Jennifer Filzen

“I have had nothing but wonderful and positive things to say about JWB. They go above and beyond when it comes to excellent communication with their investors and great customer service. They’ve always reached out to keep me informed about what’s going on with our property, and I feel they deeply care about me and my renter. I can hardly wait to have more capital to invest with them for I plan to stay with them for a lifetime.”

Monterey, CA

Todd & Elle Claus

“I have always had a passion for Real Estate. I was an active investor. But after working with the JWB Real Estate Capital Team I found that I can be involved in real estate without being involved and still earning the same returns. Now I can spend more of my time doing the things I love with the ones I love.“


Tracy Barth

"I have had several transactions with JWB through the years, and ever experience has been professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Kasandra is beyond pleasant to work with. It is such a breath of fresh air to work with someone in the industry that responds in a timely fashion, has wealth of knowledge, pays attention to detail, and a joy to work with. I would recommend working with JWB to anyone. They are a stand up company. "

Jacksonville, FL

Yuri & Haydee

"You guys make it so easy and comfortable that the process wasn’t scary."

Grenada Hills, CA

Chris & Donna

"Everyone has been so friendly and helpful."

Fishkill, NY

Roger Voisinet

"Always great to deal with Lauren, Reagan, Gregg, Alex, Mike and the whole crew!"

Charlottesville, VA

Tammy Mays

"Wonderful company good communication, prompt response when contacted. Renewal process very smooth, nice properties through out Jacksonville and the immediate area."

Jacksonville, FL

Brent Kelley

"I have had a great experience with you all. Your company is excellent and the properties all cash flow very well!"

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Jeanne Lybecker

“I feel so fortunate to be working with a team of such wonderful individuals. It makes investing much more desirable when it’s a team sport.”

Beaverton, OR