JWB Real Estate Capital Client Success Stories | - Part 3
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Tim & Kate Beevers – McMinnville, OR

I had a great visit. I am really delighted to be part of revitalizing neighborhoods.

Very satisfying to be part of a win win equation. I especially enjoyed your candor about projects that sounded good but turned out to be a learning what not to do experience. I don't need to do business with anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to make a mistake. Very positive experience meeting the team. Now we will own four properties!

Sean Jagroop – Jacksonville, FL

“I just wanted to touch base about the service and the ease of everything on my deal on Sharbeth. I encourage anyone interested in investing to GO FOR IT and work with these guys. It’s real estate investing easily done.”

Jeanne Lybecker – Beaverton, OR

“I feel so fortunate to be working with a team of such wonderful individuals. It makes investing much more desirable when it’s a team sport.”

Francis, Michelle & Eva Ablola – Jacksonville, FL

Our main motivation to invest is for our newborn Eva. Building long term wealth for her was our main purpose for working with JWB. We have always wanted to invest in real estate but we were intimidated to jump in. We knew the time was right to start and you guys made it really easy for us.

Dan Reilly – Irvine, CA

Lauren Traxler of JWB is awesome. She is always happy, cheerful, and so responsive when I do make a request. She makes my issues her issues and the follow-through is fantastic.

You guys have an awesome team member in Lauren.

Alan & Hanh Paradise – St. Louis, MO

We had a WONDERFUL trip to Jacksonville.  THANK YOU so much for setting up everything and for making us feel so welcome as PARTNERS with the JWB team.  We enjoyed meeting everyone.  We REALLY enjoyed the “family lunch”.  We felt like we would love to adopt all of you as our “kids” in Jacksonville.  (Remember, we have raised five kids of our own who range in age from 32 to 21… You guys all reminded us of our own family….)