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Welcome to our Video Library!  Let JWB show you everything from the Jacksonville real estate market to frequently asked questions.  Enjoy!

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Client Success Story – Read by Ashley
The Trap Investors Fall Into When Choosing Their Property Manager
Resident Success Stories – Read by Allie & William
Home Price Appreciation is More Than Theory
We Make the Financing Process as Easy as We Can
Jacksonville – A Long-Term Investor’s Paradise
When You Can Forget About Timing the Market
What’s Our Hedgehog?
Are You Comfortable Being Passive?
Talking About Our Pawsitive Impact
Evaluating Appreciation in a Cashflow Investment
Reinventing the Property Management Model
Resident Success Stories – Read by Geoff
Resident Success Stories – Read by Juliano
Client Success Stories – Peggy G.
Joey’s Game Plan – Young Investors Take Note!
What Does the Typical Investment Look Like At JWB?
Opportunity Zones Today Have More Lending Options
Paying Attention to What Works
What Do You Know About Opportunity Zones?
The Difference Between 1, 2 & 4 Year Leases
How Opportunity Zones Can Save You on Taxes
Spend A Little Up Front and Save a Lot Long Term
“If you’ve ever seen a really bad situation suddenly become a great one…”
Great Lessons from a 22-Year-Old Investor
Opportunity Zones and Jacksonville are a Great Match
When is the Right Time to Ask Residents to Re-Sign?
One Year Update – How Rick is Doing Now
Passive Income on a Silver Platter
How We Teamed Up with K9s for Warriors
Turnkey Clients Brad & Tom
Opportunity Zones and Tax Savings Explained
The Key to Good Business Featuring Clients Dana & Bryan
Turnkey Clients Bryan & Dana
Gregg & Mel Discuss Her Journey With JWB
Client Tour JWB
Thank You JWB Team – Post Hurricane Dorian
We Treat Residents Like Gold
Resident Success Stories – Read by Tasha
Should You Count on Home Price Appreciation?
Why Don’t all Property Management Companies Sign Longterm Leases?
New Construction = Lower Maintenance Costs
How We Increased Matt and Alicia’s Portfolio Rental Income by 19%
We’re Giving Back to Veterans like Katie’s Dad
Webinar – New Construction Rentals
We Love Working with Caring People Like Ana
What Do You Want?
We Are Unified By Giving Back
JWB Cares – Volunteer Day
The More We Grow, The More We Can Give Back
How City Incentives Work in Jacksonville
How to Reach Full Tax Exemption Status
Three Keys to the Best Investment Neighborhoods
Do JWB Clients Actually Own Their Homes?
From One Finance Nerd to Another
Why We Invest in These Four Neighborhoods
The Diversification Strategy
Webinar – Our Example Inventory
New Construction Rentals = Higher Appreciation
96% of Americans Don’t Know This Investment Tip
New Construction = Lower Maintenance Costs
Delivering a “Wow” Client Service Experience
“A Moving Ship is a Lot Easier to Direct”
These Numbers Kept Me Up All Night
Webinar – Choosing the Right Neighborhood
Let’s Dig into the Numbers
What Does Middle Income Really Look Like?
The Wrong Neighborhood Almost Ruined My Life!
What Makes this Jacksonville Street so Special?
How Important are School Ratings?
What Sets Jacksonville Apart for Investors?
How Does Population Affect Appreciation?
Matt Shares His Why
What Sets Jacksonville Apart for Investors?
How Does Population Affect Appreciation
Predicting Home Price Appreciation
The Truth About Townhomes
Where We Do and Don’t Invest
How Much Lower Are Our Vacancy Costs?
Make Sure Your Property is Surrounded by Jobs
Home Price Appreciation is a Cycle
This Mistake Costs Investors Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
Resident Success Stories
A Fresh Model: New Construction Rentals
The Benefits Of Using An IRA To Buy Rental Properties
How to Jump-start Your Investment in Rental Properties
Getting Consistent Returns on Your Investment
How to Buy Rental Properties in your IRA
Why Saying No Is Key to JWB’s Growth
Interviews on the Course with Jason Debono of NuView Trust Company
A Quick Tour Inside JWB’s Office Library
How to Know Exactly How Many Rental Properties You Need
The Recession Myth
Cool Story of How JWB’s Name Saved a Client 25%
JWB President’s Beater-Upper Car
Frequently Asked Questions About Turnkey Rental Properties In Jacksonville, FL
How JWB Changed Rick’s life
Our ROI Calculator Has Helped Thousands, and it Can Help You Too!
Why Population Growth is Biggest Factor on Your Returns
What’s Our Secret to Being Named One of Jacksonville’s Best Places to Work?