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Is Investing Worth the Risk?

Assessing risk associated with investing money is an important step before deciding how to go forward financially. The only way to avoid any risks entirely is to not invest at all, but those consequences will net you literally nothing. If you want to get ahead...

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Home Maintenance to DIY

Undertaking some of your own home maintenance could put you on the fast track to saving money on home repairs, upgrades and everyday upkeep. But in spite of your best intentions, the project could go south. The key to a successful do-it-yourself project is knowing...

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Tips for Renting Your Home in the Summer

  Even though the weather isn’t exactly conducive for moving, summer is the high season in Florida for pulling up stakes and finding a new home. Families want their kids to finish school years in familiar surroundings and employers offer new jobs in the spring...

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What is a Real Estate Investors Club?

Investors or those interested in real estate investments (REIs) sometimes band together in clubs to find and foster links with like-minded others. Although real estate investing isn’t necessarily a group activity, many have learned that there is strength in numbers,...

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The Basics of Lawn Care in Florida

A great lawn involves more than magic. It’s a combination of cultivation, watering, mowing and feeding that culminates in a healthy lawn that lasts through the seasons. With a little know-how and discipline, you can turn yours into a green expanse and part of an...

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Budgeting 101: How Much to Budget for Home Repairs

Setting aside money each month for normal home maintenance and repairs may keep you from having to borrow money against a high interest credit card, a loan against the mortgage, or a financial sacrifice. The amount of the cushion depends on a few variables about the...

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