Buying Real Estate Investment Properties in Palatka FL


The banks of the St. Johns River host the city of Palatka, FL in Putnam County. The small town atmosphere and annual festivals are attractive to both younger and older adults. The unique architecture is what is first noticed when residents move to Palatka permanently. Real estate investors seeking rental properties will find six neighborhoods including the downtown area that offer individual and family dwellings. Palatka and East Palatka offer some of the finest structures in this northern region of the state of Florida.

The popularity of the surrounding architecture is not the only element of Palatka that convinces visitors to become permanent residents. Palatka has four of the largest parks in the region that include a variety of wildlife and preserved forests. The Ravine Gardens State Park is a 59-acre park that is one of the few in the state to be listed on the Register of Historical Places. Residents enjoy the Azalea festival every March that showcases more than 100,000 plants in full bloom. These types of family-friendly activities make Palatka a popular area to reside.

St. Johns River State College helps increase the town population of young adults each year. Many students search for properties to rent instead of relying on campus housing. Many households include families with children under the age of 18 that attend public schools. With a higher than average median home price, the option of renting a home is a cost conscious decision made by many residents. Real estate property investors searching for properties in Palatka, FL will find a mixture of homes that are rented by families and students alike.

Mass transit brings visitors from surrounding areas into the city for shopping or leisure activities. The city bus services work every day of the week bringing in new sources of revenue to support the local economy. Amtrak service connects Palatka with many other cities in Florida. The multiple historic buildings and structures include painted murals that depict life through the ages in Palatka. The rich cultural history of Indian tribes, early settlers and modern achievements has made Palatka a sought after area for housing development.

While Palatka provides investors with a large population of renters we are not currently offering properties in Palatka due to our strict buying algorithms. To hear about JWB's available investment opportunites and high ROI areas, please contact us today. 

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