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Best Investing Advice of 2017

In matters of money, 2017 has been a rewarding year and Jacksonville real estate was a good one for real estate investors. Rents increased across the board and interest rates stayed low. Respectable job growth kept the local economy growing, strengthening the foundation for Jacksonville as a profitable housing market. As the year winds down, we’re looking back at some of the basics we covered in 2017 from our blog covering the hows and whys of local market investments. We covered the pra...

Are Investment Properties Really Passive Income?

Real estate investments held as rental properties are often considered passive income investments, but in reality, that’s not completely true. Over the course of rental property ownership, the demands on owner attention and involvement might range from quite low to fairly high. Some investors regard the degree to which they need to be involved over time as the defining characteristic of a passive income investment. Aside from the efforts involved in keeping it as a successful rental and ...

Is Your Rental Home Ready for Winter?

Even if you own property in the South (where it sometimes seems like winter is the shortest season), it still takes some preparation to get your rental home ready for winter and cooler weather. The furnace and plumbing require attention, and the cooler weather is the perfect time to get caught up on home and yard maintenance. Is Your Rental Home Ready for Winter? The HVAC System Schedule routine maintenance for the home’s HVAC system. It will run more efficiently, have fewer breakdowns a...

How Much to Ask for Security Deposit

Security deposits protect property owners from some, and sometimes all, the financial risks they take when renting or leasing a home. Deposits are a given when renting and can be spread out over a few months or collected before the tenant takes possession of the property. Nearly half the states in the U.S. have restrictions on how much landlords can charge for security deposits. Florida is not among them, and the city of Jacksonville has no restrictions on what you can charge. So, how do y...

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