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How to Make Money with Real Estate Notes

Portfolio diversification not only protects you from market swings, it can provide another practical way to increase your income stream and build wealth. Novice and experienced real estate investors turn to real estate notes because they’re lucrative, secure, and generate passive income. While real estate investment has a proven record, it does have a learning curve and market conditions change continuously. Real property investors who own turnkey or rental properties have the advantage...

What Is Cryptocurrency?

It seems like everybody is talking about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin these days. But what is cryptocurrency, exactly, and should you be investing in it? In this blog post we'll look into what cryptocurrency is, how to buy it, and its pros and cons. Curious? Read on. What Is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a new form of money that essentially exists only in cyberspace, but in reality, is just as real as any other recognized currency. Before the days of computers, countries and societies...

Jacksonville Submits Proposal to Land Amazon HQ2

Jacksonville was among hundreds of other cities to submit a proposal to Amazon to make this city home to its upcoming headquarters, known as HQ2. This new headquarters would generate $5 billion in investment and 50,000 jobs over a 10 year period. While other financial and tax incentives are not publically available, the city has revealed that it would deed 200 acres to Amazon at the Shipyards free and clear. This prime property, located in downtown Jacksonville next to the St. Johns River,...

How Will The New Tax Laws Impact Home Owners + Investors

Homeowners have little to worry about with the 2017 changes to the federal tax code. The jury is out for residential property investors until the new code is clarified. However uncertain the outcome may be, Florida remains a good place to generate passive income through rental properties. How Will New Tax Laws Impact Home Owners + Real Estate Investors? The Interest Deduction Under the new code, the interest deductions have been capped at $750,000 for primary and second homes across the bo...

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