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Budgeting 101: How Much Money to Put Away for Fun

The shortest path to a balanced life is to make fun and relaxation an integral part of it. While no one questions the need to indulge in personally rewarding activities, assigning it a dollar amount isn’t the easiest budget item to allocate objectively. Trusted financial planners recommend using 10 percent of your income after taxes and other payroll deductions for fun and entertainment. Humans of all ages need to play, just like they need to eat and sleep. Since it’s a basic need, the...

How to Take Real Estate Photos Like a Boss

Just about everybody starts their search for a new home online and photographs are an integral part of the listings. Interior, aka architectural, photography is one of the more challenging genres, however because of the room sizes and lighting limits. These tips might help you master the art of interior photography, along with lots of trial and error, so you can take real estate photos like a boss and show off your property (whether you're trying to rent it or sell it) in the best light. ...

Why Rental Properties are the Best Investment

Financial considerations tend to loom large when evaluating how advantageous one investment is over another, but with real estate, the benefits don’t stop at income growth alone. Rental property offers more, from financing flexibility and wealth building to the enjoyment of life. Need more convincing? Here are just a few reasons why rental properties are the best investment. Why Rental Properties are the Best Investment Leverage Few investments encourage leverage as much as real estate i...

Pros and Cons of Investing in New Build Homes

Whether it’s your first investment property or one of many, why not consider purchasing a new home? They require little maintenance and come complete with warranties that cover everything. They’re often the better long-term value because you’re buying directly from the builder who has every incentive to offer and sell a high quality product at a reasonable price. Are you thinking of investing in new build homes? Here are some things to consider. Props and Cons of Investing in New Bu...

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