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Can You Be a Conscious Investor and Still Make Money?

If you’ve ever voted with your pocketbook, you’ve practiced a form of conscious investing. Buying products from one company over another based on their corporate behaviors and beliefs is no longer unusual behavior. Thanks to the instant retrieval our wired world provides, it’s possible to make investment decisions about a company’s performance and their actual behavior in the world of social giving or sustainability. What is Conscious Investing? An impact investor is one who strive...

Budgeting 101: How to Prioritize Investing

The one thing that nearly every financially secure person credits for his or her success is the importance of discipline, both in spending and making sensible investments. No, it isn’t even luck finding a high paying job or inheriting a windfall young. Once financially sound people have established their priorities (Hint: They prioritize investing!), they stick to the plan and instead of working for money, they learn how to make their money works. See also 3 Things Millionaire Property I...

Budgeting 101: How to Plan for Disasters

Few people go through life without encountering some kind of a disaster. It might be job or personal loss, or tied to a weather event for which no amount of preparation will provide enough protection. The common denominator for getting through and past a destructive event regardless of its cause is to be financially ready. Identifying the situations that would have the most financially devastating impact on your life is the first step in the planning process. They might include: Job l...

Do You Need a Morning Ritual?

A morning ritual could be the secret to a more productive and satisfying personal and work life. What you do after waking and before going to work or meeting your obligations to others can make a difference in your entire day. It’s a way to practice being in charge of yourself, rather than letting the clock or calendar define your day. Plenty of high achievers have morning rituals, like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Tim Ferriss. Each follows a morning routine...

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