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What Does Cash Flow Mean?

The three words every real estate investor wants to see or hear together are "positive cash flow." The cash flow refers to the amount of money coming in, and when it’s positive, it means more is coming in than going out. What Does Cash Flow Mean? Money coming in over a continuous period is also one of the reasons that investors have found rental property ownership so attractive. It’s one of the few activities that generate a stream of income on an ongoing basis without requiring a const...

Things People Who Retire Rich Have in Common

Aside from those few who are born into wealth, the people who retire rich, with plenty of money in the bank, often credit hard work and persistence in pursuing their personal and financial goals. They often share a cluster of behaviors that move them ahead of the curve in whatever it is they do, like: Things People Who Retire Rich Have In Common Not letting discouragement slow them. Adversity is just a bump in the road, or a challenge to overcome. Before they move forward with a project...

4 Things to Consider Before Raising the Rent

One of the conundrums that you may need to solve as a property investor is whether to raise the rent. It’s a fairly easy decision for a vacant property and the only challenge will be to determine by how much. The inherent risk with hiking the rent for an occupied unit is losing the tenant and the income stream for an uncertain period of time. It might be helpful to examine the issues around the condition of the rental market before making a decision whether to raise it and by how much. ...

What Does ROI Mean?

What Does ROI Mean? If you're just starting to learn about investing, you might be asking yourself, "What does ROI Mean?' Calculating the ROI (return on investment) is an important litmus test for real estate investors. It quickly reveals the gains the investment will yield, and it’s an adaptable measure. Not only is it used for ballpark estimates, it provides results regardless of the level of detail used for the inputs. The term applies to the net gain you receive from an investment...

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