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Why Job Growth Means Better Investments

No other factor impacts real estate demand more than job growth does. Even more, the quantity and quality of the new jobs in a local area lays the foundation for new household formation, people moving into the area, and those moving out. Housing economists pay close attention to jobs at local to national levels. Employment is so important because it indicates what the housing market will look like in the near future. Flat or negative job growth points to a slowing economy, while increasing...

Easy Fixes to Make Your House Eco Friendly

When it’s time to maintain or improve your investment property, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making your property or house eco friendly. Existing and prospective tenants will appreciate it, and your efforts will have a lasting payoff in increased value whether you’re renting it or selling it. Easy Fixes to Make Your House Eco Friendly Improve What You’ve Got Changing the air filter for the HVAC system is essential to keeping it running dependably and efficientl...

Outdoor Amenities That Raise Property Value

Many people put a high value on outdoor living, and it’s important for property owners to consider what makes their property attractive to that group. An attractive and functional yard will increase the value of the home both tangibly and intangibly. Whether you're looking for ways to increase your property's value so you can sell it for a profit or you just want to make it more attractive to tenants so those good renters fine you and stay put for a long time, updating your property's outd...

Pros and Cons of Pet-Friendly Rentals

As a real estate investor, you’re nearly as likely to run into households with pets as you are with families with children at home. Unless your property is age-restricted, you can’t turn away children, but landlords and property managers can use their discretion on pet policies. Good reasons exist on both sides of the question about whether or not to allow them. A Real Estate Investor's List of Pros and Cons for Pet-Friendly Rentals The Case for Pet-Friendly Rentals Broader mark...

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