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Is Investing Worth the Risk?

Assessing risk associated with investing money is an important step before deciding how to go forward financially. The only way to avoid any risks entirely is to not invest at all, but those consequences will net you literally nothing. If you want to get ahead financially outside of work, you’ll need to make informed decisions each step of the way. Is investing work the risk? Absolutely. Here's How to Get Past Your Fears. First Steps Before moving forward with an investment plan, assess ...

Home Maintenance to DIY

Undertaking some of your own home maintenance could put you on the fast track to saving money on home repairs, upgrades and everyday upkeep. But in spite of your best intentions, the project could go south. The key to a successful do-it-yourself project is knowing what you’re capable of and what’s beyond your skills, knowledge and experience. How to Determine What’s Possible A good starting point with any project is to find out whether contractors who specialize in it need a license...

Tips for Renting Your Home in the Summer

Even though the weather isn’t exactly conducive for moving, summer is the high season in Florida for pulling up stakes and finding a new home. Families want their kids to finish school years in familiar surroundings and employers offer new jobs in the spring and summer. If you’re actively selling or leasing a home during this period, summertime is a double-edged sword. Half the people who move each year do so in the summer, but it’s also the time of year when they have the most for-s...

Why Jacksonville, FL Is a Great City to Retire To

The search for the perfect retirement location could start and end in Jacksonville, FL As a city it has the notable distinction of being the nation’s largest city in terms of physical area but without the crowds associated with more populous areas. The Jacksonville area has deep roots in Florida’s military history, it’s home to Fortune 500 companies, has a dynamic presence in health care and technology. Even so, it’s an affordable place to live that offers its residents an ideal cl...

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