A Big Surprise in Store for a Wounded Warrior

Surprise in the Works

Fall is in full swing, and there's a big surprise cooking here at JWB. We're working on a project that is really special to our team. We’re building a home as part of our JWB Cares initiative and giving it to a very deserving wounded warrior.

This is our second year to do this, and it’s an amazing experience. We partnered with K9s for Warriors to find a warrior who needs a home. Our entire network comes together for this project – the JWB team, our contractors, and our clients. We all pitch in both time and money to make this possible. None of us could do it alone, but by joining forces, this is going to make a big impact that will change someone’s life.

JWB Real Estate partnered with K9 for Warriors to build a new home.

The JWB team volunteered to install sod and get the yard ready for the new homeowner.

Realizing the Vision

We’ve been in business 13 years now. In the beginning, we had dreams of doing something like this. We couldn’t pull it off as a brand new company, but we knew we’d get there one day.

Last year was our first time to build a home as a team and gift it to a veteran. I’ll never forget that experience. Rick, the 2018 wounded warrior, shared his struggle with PTSD. He’d suffered through divorce, lost his home, and was going through an unstable living situation.

I remember when we were giving the home to Rick. He took me aside and said, “Gregg, this experience has changed my life. Your team is the type of people I would give my life for.” That moment will stick with me forever.

A Team Effort

That’s what we’re about at JWB – we want to bring other people into this amazing experience to change someone’s life.

MJ Smith has worked with JWB since the beginning and appreciates the journey that’s brought us to this point. “Coming out here and giving back to the community helps the team bond on a much higher level as opposed to just working in an office,” he said.

Team member Anna Kuhns has a heart for nonprofit service. “A lot of the reason I wanted to work for JWB is because of the nonprofit work we do as a team. Seeing you guys find a way to make it happen means a lot to me. Your personal values align with the core values.”

The program hits close to home for our team member Katie Derringer since her own father served in the Marines during the Vietnam War. Seeing what he went through made her realize what a gift this is. “I’ll get way out of my comfort zone to get out here so our veteran knows and understands that we admire him, appreciate him, and he gets a beautiful house that he deserves.” She points out that people function so much better when they have stable housing. “Knowing we have gifted that to someone is incredible. It’s one of the main reasons I continue to work for JWB every day – knowing that we care as a company and we did that for someone.” Katie has taken the lead on much of the project this year, and the committee’s efforts will soon pay off.

JWB Real Estate built a home to give to a wounded warrior.

JWB’s team prepares for a day of hard work and team building away from the office.

Building on Success

Under Katie’s leadership, the committee has raised a tremendous amount of sponsorship funding. So far this year we’ve already raised over $130,000. That’s nearly double last year’s efforts! Others have donated countless hours to help.

Join Us in Giving Back

If this project resonates with you, we invite you to get involved. Our third annual charity golf tournament is coming up on Monday, October 28, 2019. If you’re in the Jacksonville area, join us at the event. There will be several ways you can donate or get involved to help the cause. Keep an eye out for more details over the next few weeks.

Our mission at JWB is to change people’s lives, and what a cool way for us to carry that out – to literally build a new home and give it away.

JWB Real Estate partnered with K9 for Warriors to build and give a home to a deserving wounded warrior.

Over 80 JWB employees and multiple contractors joined forces to help build the house and landscape the yard.

We welcome you to join us in this effort. Let’s see how much of an impact we can make together!

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