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What Are the Laws about Choosing Tenants

Property owners have a fairly wide latitude about choosing tenants, as long as they stay on the right side of the Federal Fair Housing Acts. Enacted in 1968, these laws prohibit discrimination in the areas of gender, race, religion, age, disability, color, national...

How to Invest When You’re Broke

Gone are the days of being shut out of the real estate market because you’re cash strapped. The rules have changed and now it’s possible for even the smallest investor to reap the short- and long-term rewards investment properties offer. Although lenders now require a...

How to Build A Real Estate Investing Team

As you venture into residential real estate investments, it’s better to plan how you’ll manage the property sooner than later. You can go it alone with a core group of skilled subcontractors, or turn it over to the professionals who specialize in turnkey rentals....