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What Type of Investor Are You?

Since the practice of barter and trading way back when, people have used goods and services to make money. Over those thousands of years, investment styles have emerged, from those who consider it a casual activity to those who approach it with an unwavering...

Retirement Checklist: Are You Ready?

Once you reach midlife, it’s time to start thinking hard about your plans for retirement. (It’s a good idea to be thinking about it long before that, too.) Maybe you’ve been saving for many years, but you still worry your nest egg isn’t quite big enough to sustain the...

Attainable Financial Goals for 2017

Many people see January 1st as clean slate—an opportunity to start over. Everyone wants to make positive changes this time of year and it’s not surprising that financial goals are some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. It’s easy to see why....