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How Much Can My Spouse Contribute to an IRA

You and your spouse can each own an individual IRA to invest in for your retirement. The rules change slightly that relate to earned income and what type of investments can be made. There are always tax requirements that must be followed to keep a spousal IRA free...

Should I Invest in Real Estate or Stocks?

Every person that plans to invest money has come to the crossroads of comparing stocks versus real estate. People have built considerable amounts of wealth with both of these investment types. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each investment, you can...

Why Rollover a 401k to IRA

You have the right to own more than one retirement account to plan for your future. It can seem complicated when you want to move funds from one account to the other. It is normal to have questions about how or why rollover a 401(k) to an IRA. Being aware of how a...