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Budgeting 101: How Much to Budget for Home Repairs

Setting aside money each month for normal home maintenance and repairs may keep you from having to borrow money against a high interest credit card, a loan against the mortgage, or a financial sacrifice. The amount of the cushion depends on a few variables about the home and whether it’s a rental property or your primary home. Here are some things to consider when you sit down to make out your budget for home repairs and maintenance. How to Budget for Home Repairs Home Repairs and Mainten...

Women and Investing: What’s Their Impact?

Women are making their marks in the investment world by choosing companies that are both financially rewarding, as well as socially responsible. In the investment world, they’ve shown that it’s possible to do well by doing good. Their approach is practical. They want their investment dollars to work hard to support thriving companies that also use resources to better the planet and mankind. Women and Investing: What's Their Impact? Things Have Changed Thanks to the hard work of their p...

Can You Be a Conscious Investor and Still Make Money?

If you’ve ever voted with your pocketbook, you’ve practiced a form of conscious investing. Buying products from one company over another based on their corporate behaviors and beliefs is no longer unusual behavior. Thanks to the instant retrieval our wired world provides, it’s possible to make investment decisions about a company’s performance and their actual behavior in the world of social giving or sustainability. What is Conscious Investing? An impact investor is one who strive...

Budgeting 101: How to Prioritize Investing

The one thing that nearly every financially secure person credits for his or her success is the importance of discipline, both in spending and making sensible investments. No, it isn’t even luck finding a high paying job or inheriting a windfall young. Once financially sound people have established their priorities (Hint: They prioritize investing!), they stick to the plan and instead of working for money, they learn how to make their money works. See also 3 Things Millionaire Property I...

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