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Little Known Things Investors Need

As great as the rewards are from studying real estate investment in a structured academic or self-taught environment is, success as an investor also depends on a personal approach. A good attitude, solid support system, balanced approach to risk management and healthy lifestyle give you essential tools as well and things investors need. Here's why. Little Known Things Investors Need A Support System The people around you, especially the five with whom you are closest, make a difference in ...

Wall Street Journal: House Flipping is Hot Again

We are honored that the Wall Street Journal included a quote by JWB Real Estate Capital President Alex Sifakis in a recent print issue. Read what he had to say about the growing practice of house flipping below. Goldman Sachs to Lend to House-Flippers Goldman is buying Los Angeles-based Genesis Capital, which offers mortgages to home renovators By Liz Hoffman and Peter Rudegeair Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s push to lend more has taken it to some strange places for a storied, eli...

How to Stay Focused on the Big Picture

Investment strategies require thinking on two levels. In general, you need to keep an eye on your investments in the short term to make sure they are providing what you want now. However, you also need to stay focused on the big picture investment strategy to be sure you’ll meet your long-term goals. It’s easy to overlook this second component of your investment strategy or push it off for another day. Long-term planning just doesn’t feel as urgent as minding the day-to-day ups and d...

Worst Home Repairs to DIY

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find out how to do things around the house from the ordinary to the obscure. Without a doubt, the do-it-yourself market has grown substantially and will continue to do so. Saving money on home improvements and repairs is the biggest reason most people cite, along with the satisfactions associated with acquiring new skills and achieving self-reliance. As good as these reasons are, home repairs that you DIY sometime backfire on do-it-yourse...

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