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How to Earn Passive Income from Real Estate Investing

Passive income is a great tool for building retirement income faster, paying off debts, and, ultimately, retiring early and comfortably. If you have passive income during your retirement years, you potentially could live as well as you did during your peak earning years. Passive income is money you earn without doing actual labor. Often times, it comes from investments, such as in rental properties, stocks, bonds, annuities, and other investments. Passive Income from the Rental Market In th...

A, B, C, D Neighborhoods Explained…and where your biggest potential profits are in Jacksonville

We have all heard the old adage—“The 3 most important things about real estate—location, location, location”. There is a lot of truth to this statement! However, a lot of investors make the mistake of assuming that a NICER location necessarily means a MORE PROFITABLE location. That is most certainly not always the case—and I would like to explain how we believe that right now, in Jacksonville, the opposite is actually true. Everyone in real estate recognizes that when i...

JWB Ranked #10 Fastest Growing Company in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Business JournalThis article was originally published by the Jacksonville Business Journal Rank: No. 10 Revenue Growth: 78.05% Alex Sifakis, president of JWB Real Estate Capital LLC, has a personal and business mission statement. “Make people happy,” he said. “In business, focus on your employees and your clients. Make sure they are happy and thriving, and you will be successful.” JWB buys properties, fixes them up as needed and sells them to people who want to own rental properties but don’t ...

Investing in Long-Distance Turn Key Rental Properties

Are you looking for a way to get a greater return from your investments with less work? Turnkey rental properties may be an option. Even if you invest from a distance, turnkey rental properties can work for you. Turnkey rental properties are an easy investment because they are in good repair, already rented and overseen by a property manager. What Is a Turnkey Rental Property? The best definition of a turnkey rental property is a home that needs no renovations (or was recently renovated), ...


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