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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Rental Property Location

Those first steps into purchasing homes for rental properties may be seem overwhelming. Even if you use the help of seasoned turnkey property specialists, there’s a lot to learn the first time around. Rather than relying solely on your agent, it’s helpful to learn the ropes about rental property selection independently, as well as collaboratively with your agent. Firsthand experience, along with professional guidance, will help you make good acquisition decisions in the future. 6 Thin...

Pros and Cons of Using An IRA to Buy Property

A less well-known but advantageous type of retirement account ideal for real estate investments is the self-directed IRA. They’re tailored for people who want to acquire real property to build wealth strictly for retirement. It’s also the most hands-off way to manage rental properties with important tax benefits. What Are Self-Directed IRAs The self-directed IRA account differs considerably from other kinds of retirement vehicles in that it must be administered by a third-party custodia...

Can Real Estate Investing Take the Place of a Traditional Retirement Plan?

Real estate investment is an attractive venture for retirees since it can be as active or passive as they like. Except under unusual circumstances, landlords receive a monthly check, and if held long enough, selling it can be quite profitable. But can real estate investing take the place of a traditional retirement plan like a 401K or an IRA? It could, but it would be risky to rely only on real estate investments. Diversifying your portfolio across several different types of assets is a mo...

How to Invest When You’re Broke

Gone are the days of being shut out of the real estate market because you’re cash strapped. The rules have changed and now it’s possible for even the smallest investor to reap the short- and long-term rewards investment properties offer. Although lenders now require a 20 percent down payment to fund a loan for a rental home, banks are more willing than ever to consider multiple sources for that money. You can invest with the help of others even when you're broke. Here are just a few w...

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