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Helping families and Building Communities: JWB brings one family’s dream to life

JWB’s mission statement reads: Changing people’s lives by delivering time ownership and financial freedom through passive real estate investments. As a company, we make every decision with this in mind. However, it does not stop at our client interactions, but throughout the community as well. I want to share with you a heart-warming story about how a member of our team helped a subcontracted employee own their own business. About a week ago, our renovations department stood up in front of...

How to Invest in Out-of-State Turnkey Properties

An old adage among real estate investors is that you “invest in the market you are in.” Doing so give you a close proximity to your properties and a better understanding of local people and issues that might impact your properties and their profitability. Yet, out-of-state turnkey properties can be excellent investments that too many people overlook due to keeping their focus on their local housing markets. Know Your Market Remote markets are dangerous when you don’t take the time to ...

How 32205 became one of the nation’s hottest zipcodes

Jacksonville Business JournalThis article was originally published by the Jacksonville Business Journal. BY JAMES CRICHLOW Weaving between construction workers, trucks and the hustle and bustle of a vibrant commuter community, Jacksonville’s millennials bike and walk the streets of a once-blighted area. Their destination: Murray Hill, with its trendy bars and hip coffee shops, its vaping stores and bicycle repair shops, its independent clothing stores owned by people not old enough to remember the area’s heyday....

Tips to Getting Started with Investment Property Investing

Investing in property is not something that is as simple as it sounds. There is an old adage essentially says: “Buy land, because they aren’t making any more of it.” While it is true that land is in limited supply, there still are costs associated with it, including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and others. And commercial property and other types of investment properties have yet further costs, and all types of property are prone to market fluctuations and changing values, as many lear...


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