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Over 400 JWB clients from 37 states and 12 countries choose to invest in Jacksonville, FL

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Whether you are in another state or a different country you can earn passive income by investing in cash flow rental properties in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team creates a peace of mind experience for our clients so they can focus on the important things in their life while we take care of any hassles associated with their rental property portfolio.

Jacksonville, Florida has a combination of low prices and high rents that creates the cash flow opportunity which allows our clients to earn above-average returns. Historically, Jacksonville's real estate market has outperformed the country when it comes to home price appreciation as well. By investing in a market that provides consistent cash flow and potential for growth, clients are able to build a strong rental property portfolio that creates long term financial freedom.

8564 Mayall-Dr
  • 8564 Mayall Dr.
  • $130,000
  • 11.94% ROI
  • 5121 Witby Ave.
  • $111,000
  • 12.20% ROI

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